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Who We Are

Francois & The Atlas Mountains Website is about a group of fans of the band but went over and beyond. In this website, we talk about music reviews, the unique style of the newest trends in music, different music genres, featuring folk-pop, indie pop, RnB, the new EDM, Dance Party music, house, techno, electro, drum & bass, jungle, hardcore, electronica, industrial, breakbeat, trance, psychedelic trance, UK garage, Reggaeton, and African rhythms. We also discuss classic rock and the best of folk music! Name it, and we got the insights for you! Domino, Fence, and Talitres are the three music labels that define this band. We will look at an in-depth analysis of their origin and current trends in their kind of music. It’s one music that wakes you up from your seat. As you ponder about your hard day, this is the kind of music to play in the background.

The Writer

I enjoy listening to both classic rock and folk music for varied reasons.

For starters, my parents were actively involved in music for my upbringing. I grew up listening to classic rock and hummed along as it played. Therefore, the music feels acceptable and comfortable, given the close relationship I had with my parents; this relationship still continues. Classic rock music puts me in a good mood all the time. The music has stood the test of time and sounds as good as I first heard it. This type of music dates back to the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

The tunes of classic rock are a number of decades-old, meaning they bring back great memories. Doesn’t the memories of the old good days feel good? I enjoy traveling back decades ago to the first time I ever listened to this type of music.

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