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I enjoy listening to both classic rock and folk music for varied reasons. For starters, my parents were actively involved in my upbringing. I grew up listening to classic rock and hummed along as it played. Therefore, the music feels acceptable and comfortable, given the close relationship I had with my parents; this relationship still continues.

Classic rock music puts me in a good mood all the time. The music has stood the test of time and sounds as good as I first heard it. This type of music dates back to the 60s, 70s, and 80s. The tunes of classic rock are a number of decades-old, meaning they bring back great memories. Doesn’t the memories of the old good days feel good? I enjoy traveling back decades ago to the first time I ever listened to this type of music. I also love the fact that some classic rock songs get me up and dancing to their tunes, if not singing. Dancing is a physical activity that’s linked to various health benefits. What’s more, even just singing works out my vocal cords. Listening to classic rock at work also improves my productivity because I get to focus on my tasks as I listen to my favorite music. This makes me appear like a good employee, helping me continue to retain my job. I also enjoy happy and healthy, prosperous life as a result. Generally, I love workouts and thus enjoy running or jogging in the morning. When I do this, I listen to my playlist of classic rock music to keep me motivated. With knowledge of the lyrics and bass lines to my favorite songs, I only have to sing along. Similarly, folk music is a rich source of cultural heritage. I enjoy listening to this type of music because it doesn’t just take me back to my roots, but also allows me to learn about other cultures from across the globe. In America, folk music mainly points to white Americans’ culture back when the country was at its origins.

Therefore, the genre is racially divided. Black Americans also have a unique and rich type of music that traces back to their roots. Folk music takes various forms. However, it lacks synthesizers. As an example, folk music in Louisiana is mainly made up of Jazz music. I usually listen to this type of music when I’m free mostly in the evenings after work or over the weekends. Whether you’re new to classic rock and folk music or not, you can also benefit from listening to your favorite songs. The only thing you have to do is determine the specific songs that you enjoy listening to the most to keep you company. At Francois and the Atlas Mountains, I review various types of classic rock and folk music to share my listening experiences with you. Check out my song reviews to help you choose the ones you’d like to listen to and pick your favorites. Is there anything better to enjoy living a healthy and fun lifestyle than listening to your favorite classic rock music?

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