Music Trends 2020: Where Is the Industry Headed?

The 2010s decade saw many new changes in the music industry. Now, as we enter a new decade, observers believe there will be many more changes. This is why many artists are working day and night to stay ahead of music trends.

New music production and songwriting techniques have been introduced into the industry in 2020. These trends include:

Shorter Songs

The average length of a 2019 truck was a little over 3 minutes. That was more than 30 seconds less than the average length of a song in 2018. This means that in 2020, songs will get even shorter. Analysts believe streaming and online playlists are at the center of this trend. As a result, the pop song structure that has dominated the music industry for the last decades is officially over.

Genres are Being Discarded

Millennials and Generation Z are no longer interested in the genre but culture. They are not confined to a specific genre and can listen to any music, as long as it attracts them. For instance, tracks talking about the best ketone supplement or Pruvit and Perfect Keto comparison may perform better than romantic tracks. That is why established brands have decided to release albums consisting of songs from different genres.

Music From the 80’s is Becoming Famous Again

Most industry experts did not expect the return of 80s music. But we see a surprising uptake of the great tracks from the 80s. In 2019, this trend entered the mainstream music industry. 2020 is the year when music from the 1980s consolidated its hold on the digital world. Industry observers believe this is because of Pop Culture, classic analog, and giant reverb rhyme with the current music environment. If you are a musician, you can stand out by replicating the famous 80s tracks.

Digital Sales Are Rising

Apple Music and Spotify have now become the industry standard. Moreover, other streaming services account for 80% of music consumption. This means that physical music distribution has reached its end.

Technology Is Changing Music Advertising

It seems like music has become dependent on technology, new gadgets, and the latest platforms. How people consume and access music is changing every day. The biggest beneficiary of this change is YouTube. No major artists can make an impact if they don’t have a significant presence on YouTube.

Another vital music promotion platform is Twitch. It is the platform with the fastest-growing number of artists and musicians from all countries. That is because it enables musicians to engage and connect with fans in real-time. The audience becomes loyal supporters and can remain so for many years.

Pay Attention to Personalization

Today’s music consumers expect a personalized experience when using a streaming service. This expectation will continue to increase in the coming years. Artists and music producers must put personalization at the forefront of their work. They must combine human vocals, machine learning, and data analytics to provide a seamless experience across all streaming platforms. A perfect combination of these tools will result in the personalization of playlists and music. The businesses that manage to provide personalization enjoy unlimited rewards.

Promotion Toolkits

Online streaming platforms and music labels artists are investing massive resources to increase the range of services they offer. For instance, UMG has released a data analytics app available for musicians and record labels. The UMG platform provides a lot of information that can help music industry players to make wise decisions. Moreover, users and fans can also use analytic toolkits to engage artists on social media and other online platforms.

Some promotion tool kits are also embedded onto YouTube, providing insights about users and music performance. We expect to see better apps and tool kits over the coming years.

5G is coming

One of the most famous buzzwords in 2020 is the rise and rage of 5G. This revolutionary advancement is expected to be ten times faster than 4G and deliver instant music downloads and streaming. Many big players within the music industry have already deployed 5G on their platforms. At the beginning of 2020, Amazon released an HD music service that provides enhanced audio streams to fans in North America, Europe, and the far East.


Not knowing what to expect in the music industry can make you stressed and demoralized. At the same time, getting incorrect information about the mainstream music industry can also discourage you. Hopefully, these music trends will help you know where the industry is going and how you can respond to this challenge. Either way, you need to be patient, passionate, and hard-working to succeed as a musician in 2020.

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