9 Reggaeton Songs You Should Listen to While Hoverboarding

Think you don’t know what Reggaeton’s music style is all about? Then think of despacito by Luis Fonsi and Dura by Daddy Yankee. This music genre, which emanated in Puerto Rico in the late ’90s, has transitioned from dancehall to a genre influenced by American hip hop, the Caribbean, and Latin American music.
A regular reggaeton song includes rap and songs vocal in Spanish and sometimes English making it one of the most welcomed music genres in Spanish-speaking nations and mainstream Western music.
So while riding on the prettiest creation of technology, hoverboard, get the utmost fun by listening to the best exhilarating reggaeton songs of all time.

1. Hector Y Tito — Felina

Although this magic creation invaded the music hemisphere in 2002, Felina remains a hit to enjoy while engaging in any activity, including hoverboarding.
Luny Tunes and Eliel added typical hit song elements while producing this music for Hector y Tito. With 41m views on Youtube, you can tell that the old jam is worth a listening ear in 2020.

2. Daddy Yankee — Gasolina

Gasolina made waves in 2004 and was arguably one of the most excellent reggaeton hit track of its time. It made it into Billboard’s Latin charts and even other countries.
As successful as it was, it made ways for forthcoming reggaeton songs into the North American music market. The wild beats in Gasolina are sure to inspire a crazy response from listeners, all thanks to Luny Tunes, the producer of this club banger.
So while on your hoverboard, Gasolina may be the only inspiration you need to make daring turns.

3. Wisin Y Yandel — Noche De Sexo

Featuring Romeo Santos, Puerto Rican pair, Wisin Y Yandel made a break into Billboard’s chart as number ten on the list via this captivating song laced with amorous lyrics. Translated to mean Night Of Sex, Noche De Sexo is the one you want to play while on a hoverboard date with your partner.
Beware of Romeo Santos’s intro cause it made all the beautiful difference a listener may yearn for in a jam. But it’s no surprise since the featured artist is one of the most talented bachata singers in America.

4. Shakira — Hips Don’t Lie

More like hits don’t lie. On Youtube, Shakira amassed a whopping 855 million views on this hit track featuring Wyclef at the time of writing this article. To this day, it remains one of the biggest reggaeton songs ever composed.
Many may ascribe its staggering success to the English lyrics Shakira and Wyclef churned out in this music; nonetheless, it’s a full package of art and music. So get ready to enjoy tones from guitar and horns that may inspire skillful hip movement as you ride on your hoverboard.

5. Ivy Queen — Yo Quiero Bailar

Once a hit, always a hit. Yo Quiero Bailar broke new ground by being the original Spanish song to attain the number one spot on Miami’s WPOW Rhythmic Top 40.
Ivy and her former husband composed Yo Quiero Bailar, which helped kick reggaeton into the mainstream.

6. Don Omar — Dile

Reggae superstar and king, Don Omar, released Dile in 2004. The beautiful music didn’t just employ reggae tune but bachata to send listeners into a frenzy.
Dile never gets old because it nudges lots of its fans to stand on their feet, demonstrating different dancing styles.


7. Pitbull — Culo

Another hit to grace your listening ears. Culo clung the 32nd position in US Billboard Hot 100, 11th place in the US Billboard Rap Songs, and ranked 7th on the US Rhythmic Songs.
Pitbull, a Cuban-American rapper, released this song belonging to his successful album M.I.A.M.I. in 2004. The title signifies the female derriere. His collaboration with Lil Jon made it a phenomenal piece propelling listeners to dance.


8. Calle 13 — Atrévete-Te-Te

Put it on repeat, and you won’t get tired. Atrévete-Te-Te is a reggaecumbia song laced with dancehall riddims spurring excitement in the heart of listeners.
The Puerto Rico pair, Calle 13, utilized Colombian cumbia beat with the musical instrument clarinet to secure a spot on the top three positions on the Venezuela Top Latino chart. Atrévete-Te-Te also made the sixth position on the U.S. Billboard Latin Tropical chart.


9. Ozuna — La Modelo

All reggaeton fans love this 2017’s hit song from the vocal cords of Ozuna. The talented artist pulled a fast one on mainstream music by collaborating with American renowned female rapper Cardi B to birth one of the most iconic reggaeton music in recent times.
It’s impossible to overlook Ozuna’s mesmerizing voice pairing with Cardi’s energetic vocal even on a hoverboard ride.

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